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Please accept my warm welcome to

New Leaf Counselling & Psychotherapy.

You may be struggling with anxiety, depression, unresolved past trauma, or relationship dissatisfaction. You’ve been doing your best yet feel stuck, perhaps even robotic just going through the motions. Maybe to others your life appears great as they don’t fully understand your challenging reality. Something needs to change. You want to feel alive again, to experience fulfillment and enjoyment in life and in relationship.

I welcome clients embracing all spiritual and religious practices, cultures, orientations, and lifestyles. I provide a supportive space for individuals and couples to explore and gain insight. You will be guided through your unique healing process to address life experiences impacting current thoughts, feelings, functioning, and interactions. Our work together will empower you to create the life experience you desire.

We will meet life's challenges together as you gain the insight and tools to thrive on your own. 

I offer an integrative approach to individual and couples therapy drawing from various theoretical models to collaboratively achieve your unique goals.

Catherine Paul, M.A., RP 

Registered Psychotherapist, Couples Therapist & Complex Trauma Professional.

(License #006637)

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